Well, I found a new home…

Hi, it’s Mimi here… some of you have been asking about me. I even heard through the catnipvine that one of the volunteers (Victoria) said I was ‘lost in the storm,’ ha! Like Mimi would ever get lost, give me a break! It seems everyone at ARNO’s shelter, my home from when I was a wild (feral) girl and nursed so many kittens for those ARNO peeps, thought I was Evil Kenevil or something… About three times I got a dog to pick me up and shake me around…no blood, so not to worry. (It was pretty scary though…and my own fault for jumping in their face to greet them.) Also I had an awful habit of laying in the street on that oh-so-warm pavement, and hell, what was I supposed to do when a tractor trailer came barrelling down the street… he had plenty of room to go around me always!

Soooo… much to my dismay (and Penny’s delight) I was shipped to Charlotte’s house. I was kinda upset because she comes in so late and has so many other animals to pet and say ‘hello’ to… but once I was here for a while (been about a month now) I realized what a fun place this is! All the dogs, all eleven of them, actually like cats!!!! So I can rub up on them anytime and they don’t do anything… one of them, this idiot border collie named Snoop pokes me every once in a while. But the other cats told me he does that to whomever comes in that is new…

But I sit on the window in the morning and watch about 120 pigeons come and get their meal… that’s after my breakfast… Ed gets up realllll early and feeds us all. I saw that fatso Ralphie here, too. Remember him, he’s the feral cat that all of a sudden decided it was a much better deal being friendly…I wondered what had happened to him. He’s at her house, too… along with a whole bunch of other cats , too. I particularly like one old orange tabby, Zack, that plays with me… hell, I didn’t think those old toms had it in them to play like that. (Think he’s going through a second adolescence, if you ask me.)

But all in all, I actually like it here. We don’t go outside, even though from the window I see there is a really nice fish pond back there and some nice plants and lots of birds!!! Charlotte told me that once we are here for a few months we can go out but only supervised. Ralph told me not to buck the system… plenty to eat (God, is he fat now! they should change his name to Gordo!), lots of stuff to do including chase a mouse every once in a while, comfortable spots to sleep both in cat beds and on beds… we also have our own special room that the dogs are not allowed in… that way we can rest and know we won’t be disturbed. Not bad at all.

Hey, Penny! Guess you’re glad I’m gone, eh? I heard you were getting a little chubby, old girl. And Charlotte told me you pretty much live in the volunteer guest room… unlike I, who have kept my svelte physique to be able to pounce in a split second on anything I want! Penny, wish you were here… but only for a visit. I just got the whole thing organized so I am the top bee-yatch around… just the way I like it. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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The Chipmunks are Coming!!!

We must have died and gone over the rainbow bridge but if not, and we’re only dreaming, NOBODY shake us out of it!   We heard the humans talking yesterday, seems like a local school Chapelle has rounded up 250 chipmunks and they are going to be sending them over to us!  Finally, someone who understands just how mundane it can get for both of us when all we have to do is boss around humans….Penny and I are just so excited, a warehouse mouse every now and then always brightens up our day but we can barely keep from jumping up in down with joy like those stooooopid dogs do, whatever are we going to do with 250 chipmunks to play with???

Go Chapelle!!

Mimi and Penny

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Laura’s in trubbble!



Well, guess what, that red-headed chick Laura, she showed up 30 minutes late this morning! Gimme a break, I mean, come on, it’s not like we ask them to show up at the crack of dawn, just be here by dawn!

Okay, so we had a rough night last night, what with Tonka truck getting adopted (yeah, we stayed right on out of his way!) and then the big cheez-it boss Charlotte got here this morning while it was still dark to take that other big monster dog, Eeyore to the airport cuz he was finally flying out today to Seattle (yippee dippy doo!) but on top of that busy busy stuff, we got a new little whiny baby in last nite, Philip, a little gray monster doodle kitten who so far, won’t stop talking….how much can a kitten say, somebody tell us PULEEZE!

Okay, gotta go it sounds like the opening tune of Jeopordy…dee dee dee dee dee dee duh, duh duh duh duh doh doh…..tv isn’t so bad but now that Tonka truck is gone, we think we are going to hit the street again soon, at least the street in front of the shelter. We’re hearing through the gossipy cats that the humans are starting to think they run this place since we have been given tv duty….HA!

Mimi and Penny

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White Mocha latte with EXTRA whipped cream!

Yeah, I heard my ugly twin sister talking to you, so you should know that Robin always brings me a White Mocha latte with EXTRA, yes, I said EXTRA whipped cream….please, it’s the only thing that makes tv tolerable!!!

Penny (the gooder sister!)

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What’s Up?

So, we know it’s been awhile but they had this guy Gustav who went cruising through here and then right after Gustav decided to hit the road, everybody was buzzing around the shelter like crazy people talking about Ike…..gee, Penny, you think that is the same guy Ike that was married to Tina?   Penny and I have been checking out this contraption called tv in the spare room and we know all about Ike so we’re laying low right now.

We’ll sneak out again soon and let you know all about the fixing up that’s going on around the shelter but man, these people don’t stop, you know?   Me and Penny have been given tv duty ever since that big galut Tonka truck tried to eat me for dinner the other night…..okay, so it was my fault, but everybody knows I like to play chicken with the dogs, especially the big dogs, they are so goofy and hey, nobody has caught me yet!

Okay, gotta go, I hear Penny whining about the tv channel like she never heard of remote troll!   Listen, anybody heading this way, bring whiny Penny a starbucks, anything with whipped cream…since blue roof Robin has been gone, she misses the whipped cream tops of those muddy drinks that Robin likes so much, Penny’s going through whipped cream detox and she’s a little tempermental if you know what I mean!

Later gators,

Mimi (the good black cat, ha!)

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Welcome to Mimi & Penny’s Daily S’Nipits!

Hey Y’all,

People ask all the time about what really goes on at ARNO’s no-kill shelter so we have decided to bring you some daily snipits of life at Animal Rescue New Orleans just so you get the real poop-scoop.

We’re Penny and Mimi, two incredibly smart, sleek and very popular feline residents who basically run the shelter and did we mention beautiful? We’re strictly volunteer just like the rest of our crew and sure, okay, the humans put in a lot of hours and they do a lot of work, but really, they only do what we tell them to do and so far, that’s worked out just fine. We sometimes get into a little bit of trouble like the time Penny took a ride in the back of a U-Haul to another city, and then there’s Mimi, well she is the sneaky one and she likes to follow our humans as they walk the dogs and tease them or sometimes she likes to play chicken with the cars they drive, but it’s all in fun. Just about everybody on the planet loves us both…..really, it’s easy to see why, don’t you think?

Listen, Penny’s about to head out to ARNO’s cleaning tent to make sure our humans are getting those litter boxes and dishes done, and Mimi is making sure we get a mouse for the computer…what? No mouse needed for a laptop? That’s crazy, you always need a mouse, right Penny? Anyway, check back soon and you won’t believe the things we are going to show you that goes on at this place, we’re thinking about calling up the head rat over there in Florida because once Penny sheds that baby fat, we’re sure there’s a movie deal in this for us!


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